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Assertions by Major League Baseball that there is no reliable test for human growth hormone may have been reduced to a myth Monday.

Anti-doping agency officials on both sides of the Atlantic touted the case of a British rugby player as proof that HGH can be detected through blood testing. Terry Newton, who was tested in November, did not contest the result and was banned from the sport for two years by the United Kingdom Anti-Doping Agency, The Times of London reported. His rugby club has voided the remainder of Newton’s two-year contract. Newton is believed to be the first pro athlete tripped up by a blood test aimed at detecting HGH, which baseball has banned since 2005 but has not been the subject of testing. The latest development was lauded by Travis Tygart, chief executive of the United States Anti-Doping Agency.

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WHISTLER, British Columbia — On Monday, British rugby player Terry Newton made sports history with the announcement that he had become the first athlete to test positive for human growth hormone. Newton’s positive test came in November, and he has been banned from rugby for two years by the United Kingdom Anti-Doping Agency.

Prior to Newton’s positive test, approximately 900 HGH tests had been conducted over three Olympics — roughly 100 in Turin, 300 in Athens and 500 in Beijing — with no positives. Newton’s result appears to lend some credence to arguments that HGH testing has evolved to the point of being worth conducting. That argument took center stage a little more than two years ago when MLB commissioner Bud Selig told the Congressional Committee on Oversight and Government Reform that he would support testing for HGH in baseball “when a valid, commercially available and practical test for HGH becomes reality, regardless of whether the test is based on blood or urine.”

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A former professional cyclist who served a two-year suspension for doping pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday to conspiracy to distribute two performance-enhancing drugs.

Joe Papp, 34, of Bethel Park, was selling human growth hormone (HGH) and another drug, erythropoietin, known as EPO, online. He will be sentenced by Chief U.S. District Judge Gary L. Lancaster on June 25. Mr. Papp could face an advisory sentencing range of 10 to 16 months in prison. He pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy for selling the substances between September 2006 and September 2007. During that time, Mr. Papp sold about $80,000 worth of drugs to approximately 187 customers.


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Olympics & HGH

February 15, 2010

With the Olympics upon, in case you already didn’t know from the bombardment of commercials on an hourly basis, you knew it was going to be a matter of time before someone or some 30 people were going to be nailed for cheating.
It has happened, and WADA President John Fahey is claiming that testing has improved.
Not so fast.

Has the testing improved in all areas of sports, professional and amateur? Yes it has. Have they caught all of the cheats in every sport? Not a chance.
We have seen this before. The number of cheats caught before the games in Beijing…70. Number caught before Vancouver…30. I see a couple of problems with the logic showing the testing is working. One was obvious, different athletes, different sports, different games. If they were comparing numbers from Turin to Vancouver, then I see the logical comparison.
The other is the same argument that I’ve had with a bunch of people for the last little while.
The cheaters are always somehow going to be ahead of the testing. There are always someone going to be working in a lab trying to find the way to get around the testing. It happens all the time.
Baseball had their steroid problem. MLB started testing for steroids, the ball players went to new and innovative stuff like the cream, the clear, and HGH.
You take away one avenue, someone is going to find another way to their goal.
The Olympics and all sports can throw out all the rules they want and test for everything, as long as there is motivation to win, someone will be willing to take that extra step.

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Many runners (myself included) finish their long run or workout and immediately move on to the day’s next task: showering, work emails, getting the kids off to school, etc. But if you aren’t taking the proper post-run recovery steps, you could be limiting your progress.

On days when I race or run hard, I sometimes feel ready for bed at 7:30pm! While this early bedtime makes me feel a bit like a grandma, I listen to my body and give it the extra rest it needs. The human growth hormone (HGH) is essential in repairing muscles and soft tissues broken down by training. However, when deep sleep is absent or interrupted, HGH levels decrease, prolonging recovery from exercise. A few years ago, a study published in the clinical journal Sleep indicated marked delays in muscle recovery by subjects that were prevented from accruing 90 minutes of continuous (deep) sleep.

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On this day 47 years ago, Leonard Kyle Dykstra was born in this world as part of a prodigy science experiment that tested the affects of tobacco dribble on an in vitro fertilization.  Today, he’s the subject of countless quips about his financial shortcomings.

One thing that remains is that in 2005, Dykstra’s ex-business partner alleged that Dykstra took steroids and HGH throughout the course of his career. We may never know…..

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Carbs Fuel The Body

February 8, 2010

As your preferred source of energy, the function of carbohydrates is to fuel the body.

This is why many people who go on severe low carbohydrate diets often become very lethargic. Just like with protein, one gram of carbohydrates contains 4 calories. But one of the most important things to be aware of is the glycemic index of any given carbohydrate. The glycemic index is a numerical rating given to every carbohydrate food that determines how quickly insulin is released in the bloodstream whenever you eat that food. Lower glycemic foods cause a much slower insulin spike, while high glycemics create a faster, greater release of insulin in the bloodstream when eaten. The glycemic index is used by diabetics to make sure that their insulin levels are appropriate throughout the day. Examples of low gylcemic foods include a lot of fruits: apples, peaches, grapes, any type of berry, pears, apricots. Other ones include slow-cooking oatmeal, yams, lentils, and most green vegetables. Examples of high glycemic carbohydrates are generally in the starchy category: breads, pasta, rice, white potato, carrots, corn, and fruits like pineapple and bananas.

Now you might be saying that every diet you have ever seen tells you to eat rice, potatoes, rice cakes–many of the foods in the high glycemic category. The problem is that those diets fail to recognize the insulin response to those foods. While they may be okay calorically (and may even be low in fat), these high glycemic foods are not good choices from a weight loss perspective either. You see, high glycemic foods frustrate your fat burning capability. In the presence of elevated insulin levels in your bloodstream, it is very difficult–if not impossible–for your body to burn and metabolize fat. So, be sure to choose the majority of your carbohydrates from the low glycemic category. The only point in the day that I would consider eating high glycemic index carbohydrates is the meal that immediately follows your workout, if you do one, as there is an indication that the body prefers them at this time to aid recuperation.

So, how many carbohydrates should you eat? This largely depends on your nutritional goals and your activity levels. One thing I would caution against is dropping your number of carbohydrates under 50 grams. Your brain requires at least 50 grams per day in order to function properly. Additionally, severely limiting carbohydrates raises the risk of dehydration, lack of energy and fatigue, and could also negatively impact other health issues.

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The 43-year-old man says he feels 25. This is no small thing. David Segui was a major-league baseball player at 25, and a good one, making more than $40 million in what would become a 15-year career. So 25 was pretty good.

There’s another reason this is no small thing. It’s what he went through between 25 and 43. Too much of his 30s were miserable, with knees that felt full of rust and knives when he walked. Stairs were impossible. If he dropped something, it stayed dropped. Bending down took too much effort. Ten years ago, when the pain was the worst, doctors found no cartilage in his knees. Just bone on bone, they told him, and those knees needed to be replaced. “That didn’t sound too fun,” says Segui. “I thought, ‘How about I get on drugs?’ “So he did, adding human growth hormone to the steroids he had taken on and off from 1994 to the end of his career in 2004. He still injects HGH every day by prescription — one of baseball’s first admitted performance-enhancing drug users continuing through retirement — and there’s obvious pride when he says his doctor calls him “my healthiest patient.”

Segui is a marvel of modern science, with workouts that last up to four hours a day, all fueled by a synthetic drug banned by all major sports leagues. There are sprints and core work at his home in Johnson County, Kan., weights at the gym, and he laughs at how — before the drugs — he couldn’t walk to the kitchen without pain. He is also, perhaps, the future of how the rest of us view what are now illegal and labeled “performance-enhancing drugs.” If they work this well, and can be used legally with a prescription, experts say it’s a matter of time before our attitudes about them shift.

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For Dr. Roberto Salvatori, it was a puzzle he felt compelled to begin to solve: Does human growth hormone extend life?

And after studying a group of dwarves in Itabaianinha in the northeastern Brazilian state of Sergipe, Salvatori’s work may in fact cast doubt on the assumption that human growth hormone may be the fountain of youth. The endocrinologist and associate professor at Johns Hopkins University studied 65 dwarves – a unique population in Brazil — who have a genetic mutation that causes them to be profoundly deficient in human growth hormone. Each member of this group has two mutant copies of a gene responsible for releasing HGH. In a study  published in the January issue of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, Salvatori and his team of researchers found no difference in life expectancy between those who had a profound deficiency of human growth hormone and those that had normal levels.

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Doctors are worried that as the New Year begins, many Americans will resolve to be thinner in 2010 by using over-the-counter supplements. According to a survey conducted by ADSAM and SenseUs polling companies, about 60 percent of physicians feel troubled about the safety of taking diet pills. Not surprisingly, while physicians feel negatively about the safety of over-the-counter diet pills, they are much more comfortable about the use of injections like Botox and Restylane or even breast implants.

The results were surprising, considering America’s obsession with remaining fit and youthful. Additionally, the same survey showed that feelings about having breast augmentation or facial injections and using over-the-counter diet pills or Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for anti-aging created fear and stress among the large majority of consumers. Although consumers were apprehensive about over-the-counter solutions, the survey results discovered that they were more comfortable with diet pills than cosmetic procedures.

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